Don't limit your creativity

If you want to design, create or solve something, but you think that you are not very creative and therefore you do not have the capacity to do it, do not worry, you are not the only person who thinks this way.

What is creativity and how is it applied?
  • Creativity is defined as the ability to develop new ideas or relate concepts and ideas that we already had in mind.

  • Creativity can be used and developed in various fields, including scientists, writers, designers, etc.

How to improve your creativity

Many times people suppress their creativity due to the following factors:

  1. Lack of confidence: as we have already mentioned, many people do not believe they are capable of doing something incredible because "they are not very creative": these people tend to think that they are not creative because they do not have immediate results, when in most In some cases, results are never obtained instantly, good ideas usually come out of boredom or spontaneously, so do not pressure yourself if you have instant solutions.

  2. Little perseverance: by not having instant results, people tend to abandon their projects or ideas, as we have mentioned, good ideas come with time and spontaneously, therefore it is advisable to persevere for a while.

  3. Little self-criticism or criteria: a person who never questions himself will normally not be able to improve his way of thinking, in addition, it is always convenient to see the work or performance of other very skilled people in order to develop a high criterion that we will make you know the quality at least standard of what we want to do.

With love from neo illustrator:

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